Daniel Silverman

Daniel Silverman, Director

Guitar Lessons Canton Ohio

Guitar Instructor

In 2007, I was hired for my first job teaching guitar lessons. I had just started my music degree and had never formally taught music lessons before. Each lesson was just as much of a learning experience for me as a teacher as it was for the student. As I progressed through my studies at the University of Akron, where I studied guitar performance and educational techniques with Stephen Aron, my love of teaching and sharing the nuances of the guitar grew to new levels. Observing the success of my students recharges the same excitement I felt when I first started.

As a teacher, I focus my lessons on a three-tiered program. I work with students on ear training, theory, and technique. Every student is always assigned “listening” homework, a scale and arpeggio to work on, an exercise from their method book, as well a popular song or piece of classical music.

As the Director of the Jackson Massillon School of music, I am confident that the faculty will share this same passion, drive, and commitment to music education.